Hot Water Bottle & Cover


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Super cosy, original handmade, roll-neck, natural material hot water bottle cover comes complete with a 2-litre natural rubber hot water bottle.

Made in The UK

BPA, PFAS & PFOA Free, Organic, CPSIA Compliant, Hypo-allergenic, Child Safe, Oeko-Tex Standard & Higg Index

Cover material; 70% bamboo viscose 30% organic cotton. ProEco Fleece Proprietary blend of bamboo viscose and organic cotton fibres

Our funky, handmade, roll-neck, super soft, "teddy-like" cover is made from ocean-bound plastic bottles - you won't believe it when you feel it, it's incredibly soft and snug.
Cover material; recycled polyester most are produced using 100% recycled polyester or plastic bottles.

Oeko-Tex Standard & Higg Index

Almost 100% of the water that is used for the dyeing process is purified and reused too