Visit Sunday's Company & The Village of Warkworth

Take a day trip, just 90 minutes northeast of Toronto, to the quaint and vibrant village of Warkworth. We're a tiny, creative and progressive community, surrounded by forests, farms, and rolling hills. Main Street village is a unique experience, with shops and their passionate keepers, that will have you awestruck. I can't promise you won't want to move here after your visit. Sunday's Company is located in what used to be the local grocery store. Brick walls, chipped plaster, tin ceilings, and original massive solid-wood freezer doors all create a nostalgic backdrop for a shopping experience that is a sensory experience in itself.

Recipient of Celebration of Business Excellence Award: Customer Experience (Retail)

Speaking of this experience, there seems to be common stages to the customers visit, that goes something like this:

Walk in. Stop. Take a deep breath. “Wow. It smells amazing in here”

Look around and think to self, “What even is this place?”

Decide where to start. There’s a lot to look at. Starts at one end and circles the shop to take it all in.

Reaches the back of the shop, and sees the giant wood door. “Whoa. Look at that door. Was this a bank. Is that a vault?” This leads to the conversation of the old grocery store, and further details of this old building.

Notices the other half of the space (my studio). Walks in. Slight apprehension of going any further. Asks, “Oops. Are we allowed in here?”. And I reply, “Yes, absolutely. It’s my studio - where the magic happens”. They take a peek at shelves upon shelves of herbs, infusions, oils… and the creative process that is always strewn throughout.

Customer tells me what a beautiful shop it is, filled with so many special things; that the vibe is relaxing, and they feel wonderful just being in the space.

This. It never gets old.
This. It’s what I hoped for when I signed the lease on this building. My favourite building on Main Street.
This. It’s a special place, and I love it here, so much. I would love for you to experience it, as well.

Apothecary & Lifestyle Shop

Sunday's Company Exclusive

The full line of Sunday's Company product. Because Sunday's Company is not sold in retail stores, this is the only place where you can see, smell, touch and purchase everything. There are often items that are not even found in the online shop.

Lifestyle Shop

Along with Sunday's Company product, you'll find meticulously curated offerings to supplement your self-care rituals: from candles, bath, body & hair care, to herbal remedies, intimate care, loungewear and books. It's the store with all the things to make you feel your best.


The Sunday's Company studio, where all the magic happens, is open and accesible to the public. On weekdays, you'll find me creating, packing, labelling, and making a general mess. See the inner workings of Sunday's Company-- the stages of a product, from herb to bottle.

Massage Therapy

Tucked inside the shop, is the cozy treatment cocoon of Eastwood Wellness Co., where Jamie Smiliovitis, RMT, offers size inclusive, gender affirming, and judgement free health care. She provides elevated body treatments using Sunday's Company product.

Location & Hours

18 Main Street.
Warkworth, Ontario
K0K 3K0

Tuesday - Sunday
11am - 4pm