The Green Arte

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Josh Williams

9781801520447 | Paperback Book
November 4, 2022

An exploration of the magic of plants, which exists far deeper than the green and nourishing existence we experience above ground.
Through the lenses of animism, folk magic, herbal medicine, plant lore, land connections, and rituals aligned with tides of nature, The Green Arte explores the magic of plants.
Hidden below, in dark and mysterious depths, are the roots of these beings, which connect to something primordial, raw, wild and complex; this is the mystery which Josh Williams explores in his second book.
Within these pages, Josh introduces readers to the plant spirits, allowing us to work with them, in spiritual ways, to create magic and medicine.
The Green Arte will act as a workbook, for the engaged reader - from herbalists and ritualists, to anyoneA wanting to deepen their relationship with the natural world - to grow their own work in the wonderful and magical bounty that nature and the plants have to offer.