Rose Petal Elixir

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15 ml

An extraction of rose petals in brandy and honey, taken sublingually when support is needed during transitional or tough tough times; to quiet an overactive mind; to uplift yourself when your energy is depleted; and when you feel emotionally stressed.

Of all the many ways Rose brings healing, one of the most important is reminding us that softness and strength co-exist. Alongside her silky petals are Rose's sharp thorns, reminding us to keep our boundaries in tact and to balance our soft openness with a strong sense of perception and good judgement.

Power without vulnerability isn't strength. True strength always contains an element of vulnerable openness to life, to others, and to sharing our truth with the world. Likewise, softness without structure and strength will collapse under the weight of other people's demands and expectations.

- Roses are excellent for inflammation of all kinds, so it could be used for anything from a sore throat to more chronic inflammatory conditions.
- Rose is an excellent cardiac— excellent for helping to tone the blood vessels and support the heart in general.
- Nutritionally, wild roses are loaded with vitamin C, K, and B-complex, carotene, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
- Wild rose hips contain vitamins A, B, D, E and C. They contain 20-60 times more vitamin C than an orange.

- helps one embody courage and live the most sincere and vulnerable version of themselves, trusting that they are always protected.
- encourages tenderness and compassion for yourself and others.
- opens, cradles and nourishes the emotional heart and nervous system.
- quiets an overactive mind and connect us to our essential nature, boosting feelings of self-worth.
- uplifts us when our energy is depleted and we’re feeling beaten down by the daily grind
- (thorns) symbolize a level of energetic protection
provide loving support during transitional or tough times

Rosa damascena petals, Brandy, Honey

Dosage: 1-12 drop doses alone (sublingual) or in water up to six times a day.. Take a few drops of Rose Petal Elixir whenever you feel emotionally stressed or before meditation. Store in cool, dark place. Discontinue use if reaction occurs.