Magnesium Deodorant

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2oz | 60ml

This spray-on deodorant uses magnesium flakes and botanical infused witch hazel to prevent odour and excess moisture. No baking soda. No aluminum. No chemicals. No yellow stains. Can also be used as a transdermal magnesium application. See benefits of magnesium below. 

Why Magnesium? Magnesium plays an important role in maintaining a balanced, healthy life, and unfortunately, most of us are deficient in it due to the lack of minerals in our topsoils, poor eating habits, and overall stress. Magnesium is absorbed effectively via the skin, our largest organ, making your daily deodorant application a simple way to provide your body with this much-needed mineral.

Magnesium: increases energy levels, natural odour protection, calms nerves and aids relaxation and sleep, improves digestion, relieves muscle tension and stiffness, regulates blood pressure levels and eases hypertension

Witch Hazel: naturally very astringent and anti-inflammatory, constricts tissues and removes excess oil; anti-bacterial properties prevent odour; cleanses and cools

Apple Cider Vinegar: antimicrobial, anti-fungal; balances pH in underarms; natural alpha hydroxy acids can help remove dead skin cells that feed odor-causing bacteria

Sage: works as an antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-fungal, preventing odour

Rose: antiseptic and antibacterial compounds destroy bacteria that cause odours; soothes irritation common in the underarm area

Thyme: cleansing and purifying effect on the skin

Patchouli: regenerates skin cells and soothes wounds, kills bad bacteria

Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) distillate, Magnesium Chloride, Distilled Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) leaf, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) petals, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme), Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) leaf, Lavender and Eucalyptus Floral Waters.

Shake well. Apply to underarms as often as needed. If you are transitioning to natural deodorant, allow a few days for your body to adjust. You may feel a tingling sensation, at first, if you are deficient in magnesium. This will go away with regular use.

For a magnesium boost, spray directly onto skin, avoiding the eyes. Product should be fully dried before bathing or washing the skin.

Store in a cool, dark place. Use within 6 months. Do not ingest. Discontinue use if reaction occurs.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Bradburn
Amazing Magnesium Deodorant Spray!

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Magnesium Deodorant Spray and love the woodsy smell along with the effectiveness of the product. I highly recommend it!


I have been trying to find the right product to use as deodorant. Finally found the perfect one for me. I would recommend it to everybody, one really feels the goodness in it!!! Thank you!