Earthy Ombre Beeswax Taper Candle

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Made by an indigenous Zapotec master artisan family in the central valley of Oaxaca. 

Every candle is individually poured by hand, using pure, Mexican beeswax. These standard tapers require roughly 200 pours to complete a single candle. As they’re made with natural dyes from fermented nuts, hues will vary per lot. 
They are slow burning and see minimal drips and smoke, if the wicks are properly trimmed.

The master artisans that produce these candles collaborate as three generations in their family workshop. Famed for their ornate traditional beeswax candles with natural dyes, this family constantly strives to develop new designs that speak to a contemporary audience on a worldwide basis. They pour every one of these beeswax candles by hand. 

- 90% sun bleached beeswax / 10% vegetable wax
- cotton wick
- natural dye made from fermented nuts
- colour and size varies due to process.- 
- approx. 30cm long
- approx 7 hour burn time.