Well Kept Brass Safety Razor

Color Black

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This weighty brass razor, from Well Kept, offers a smooth, irritation-free shave for every part of the body. Made in Canada, lasts for a long (long) time, and works with standard safety razor blades.

  • comes with one stainless steel blade that reduces irritation and ingrown hairs
  • blades cost cents rather than dollars
  • recycle your blades with their BLADE BANK PROGRAM

Single blade Benefits

one single sharp blade offers a close shave on the first pass, reducing irritation

the weighted handle provides the perfect pressure so you don’t need to press or tug on your skin as you shave

this reduces irritation (read: say goodbye to razor burn and ingrowns)

safety blades don’t glide as easy when they need to be replaced, so you can always feel when it’s time for a new one

when you need to replace your blades, they cost cents not dollars

stainless steel blades are plastic free and fully recyclable

our razors are made for every body—and cost the same however you identify