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You know I’m a huge advocate for body oiling, and that many Sunday’s Company products are inspired by this practice. Moontime Oil is a warming and comforting blend of herbs geared toward easing the uncomfortable, and often painful stage of a woman’s cycle— an infusion of herbs that are anti-inflammatory, tonifying, relaxing, pain relieving, and those that are beneficial for the circulatory system. It was created as a supplemental practice to the other ways you tend to your body during this time; as an oil that is massaged onto the lower abdomen, back and anywhere else needed to bring soothing relaxation, and ease menstrual discomfort. Through self massage, the warm oil penetrates through deep layers of tissue in our bodies, directly accessing our nervous, lymphatic, and immune systems.

I recently participated in an online workshop with Jamie Smiliovitis and Fran Allen, called In the Flow: Holistic Menstrual Care. It was full of useful information, that all women should know, to understand and our bodies and cycles. There was one particular portion that grabbed my attention— pelvic floor health. Jamie states that,

“Serotonin is responsible for muscle contraction, sleep regulation, and digestion. The pelvis, along with all the muscles that attach onto it, are responsible for supporting your reproductive and digestive organs. If there’s dysfunction in the pelvis, it can potentially have an effect on all of these areas.” She then guided us in an abdominal self-massage that decreases menstrual cramping, improves digestion, and helps to regulate hormones. She did it using Moontime Oil, and I thought, wow, she just kicked this product up a notch. I asked her if she would show you all, this simple and effective technique. So, I’ll pass it over to Jamie now ...

5 Easy Steps for an Amazing Abdominal Massage

Guest Post with Jamie Smiliovitis | Registered Massage Therapist | Owner of Eastwood Wellness Co.

Hi, I’m Jamie! Registered Massage Therapist, Menstruation advocate, and creator of Eastwood Wellness Company in Toronto. 

I’ve experienced chronic pelvic pain, irregular cycle, and painful periods since my teens. After years of attempting to seek answers with my family doctor and getting nowhere, I decided to take my body into my own hands (literally!).  

After a few months of taking a natural approach to my cycle, I started to feel that my hormones were balancing and my PMS and menstrual symptoms became manageable. Abdominal Massage quickly became my go to self-care routine to soothe menstrual cramps and heal my relationship with my body. 

This can be done as much as you like! I like to do this throughout the luteal and menstrual phase of my cycle, to regulate hormones and ease cramping. It is also great of you are experiencing constipation or other digestive irregularities.


Lie on your back, on a yoga mat or bed, with your abdomen exposed. Use a pillow or two under your knees, and one under your head for comfort and support. 

  1. Warm up a few pumps of Sunday’s Company Moontime Oil by rubbing your hands together vigorously.  Using your palms and fingertips begin your Massage in a circular clockwise direction. Overlap your hands to allow for a slow continuous circular motion and repeat several times.
  2. Starting at the lower left side, massage small circles with a downward pressure. Continue the circles up towards your ribs, with the same downward pressure. (Even though we’re moving in a counterclockwise direction, our pressure is always going clockwise. Follow the arrows in the diagram!)
  3. Now, make your way across to the right side of your ribs, with the pressure going to the left.  Continue until you get to the right side of the ribs. 
  4. Next, continue the circles towards the right side of the pelvis with your pressure going up towards the ribs.  Repeat steps 1-4 three times and finish with 3 slow, large, flushing circles. 
  5. Follow up with a heating pad or hot water bottle for 10 minutes following your massage to encourage all the wonderful soothing effects from the Massage. 

Thanks so much for following along! If you have any questions about Abdominal Massage or Massage Therapy, reach out at hello@eastwoodwellnessco.com or keep in touch with us on Instagram @eastwoodwellnessco

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