Zeva Austrian Crystal File

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The ZEVA® Austrian Crystal File helps prevent your nails from splitting, chipping, and peeling. 

It is made from pulverized Austrian Crystal and a proprietary ceramic/porcelain compound. When pulverized, Austrian Crystal particles become flat and razor sharp. However, when you run your finger over the ZEVA file, it feels smooth because the crystals are so small. What’s really happening is the ZEVA file is gently shaving the nail edge to a smoothness unequaled by any “normal” glass, metal or paper files. The result is a nail edge so incredibly smooth that it repels water, and eliminates splitting, chipping and peeling.

4.5" long • 1/8" thick • 1/2" - 3/8" tapered width
COLOR: Natural White

First, clip or file your nails - to the desired length and shape - using any abrasive nail file or nail clipper. Our file is too fine for this. Once they look right, use your ZEVA Crystal File to finish filing and sealing your fingernails. For the first week, we recommend filing your nails every day with your ZEVA file to achieve the best results. It should only take you about 40 – 60 seconds (total) to do all ten nails. As your nails get stronger, you will be able to extend the number of days between uses. And yes, unlike any other file, it is OK to file in both directions.

CUTICLES: The ends of the ZEVA file are rounded and specifically designed to push back and erase cuticles. Gently push back the skin (cuticle) at the nail base. Hold the file parallel to the nail surface to prevent scratching the nail surface. Use the ends of the file, like a pencil eraser, to remove excess dry skin. For best results: After pushing back and erasing your cuticles, use the ZEVA Cuticle Oil Pen to hydrate your cuticles and keep them looking their best.

Fingernails are porous, and will absorb water. When water is absorbed into the ends of your fingernails, they develop very small micro-cracks that you cannot see. These cracks will quickly get bigger and eventually cause splits, cracks and peeling. The ZEVA Austrian Crystal File removes these micro-cracks, before they can get big enough to do any damage.