Soja Brooklyn Cement Candle

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Soja Brooklyn is a small-batch candle and sustainable homewares company based out of Brooklyn, NY. Each candle is, made using wooden wicks; phthalate-free fragrance oils. Every vessel is handcrafted from small-batch castings using cement and custom blended pigments. Cement is a natural material; therefore, each vessel will have its unique character, and slight natural variations may occur.

*Each handcrafted piece's colour may vary slightly from the photos due to lighting differences. Every piece is sealed with an eco-friendly sealer.

- 12oz., wooden wick
- Soy coconut wax blend candle
- Approx. 80+ hour burn time.

Mood Warm and sensual
Love is grounded in earthy and sweet undertones. Love embodies sophisticated notes of sandalwood, coconut, vanilla, amber, black cardamom, mingling with Tonka. Love is a comforting, sweet, and earthy blend that will add a touch of sensuality to your space.

Mood: Earthy and lively scent
A blend of fig leaf, sandalwood, Tonka, and coconut. Sunday embodies the feel of eating brunch on a Sunday afternoon while overlooking the ocean.

Mood: Dynamic and bright
A citrusy yet grounding scent that will energize you and add some inspiration to your day. Recharge is a multifaceted citrus scent, with notes of blood orange, kumquats, berries; mingling with a touch of vanilla.

Mood: Calming & Refreshing
Clarity offers a tranquil combination of eucalyptus leaf, refreshing spearmint, and subtle hints of vanilla and coconut. This tranquilizing blend will create a calming ambience, ideal for unwinding at the end of the day.