About Us

Sunday’s Company is a plant-based apothecary built on the belief that self care should be low maintenance and gratifying.

With a passion for plant medicine and a yearning for simplicity, we created a line of products with one core value in mind: There is healing in herbs. You can’t improve on nature, so we let the plants do the work to give your skin exactly what it needs.

Our products are thoughtfully handcrafted in small batches, using natural ingredients. No chemicals, no preservatives, no fillers—just you and Mother Nature. It is our hope that our products promote optimal health and nurturing energy while simplifying your beauty routine.

Melissa and her husband, Sonny, moved from their stressful lives in the city in order to expand The Dog P.A.R.C. and adopt a simpler, unhurried one-- surrounded by nature, wildlife, and like-minded people.

Her curiosity lies mostly in the natural world where she continues to study and practice herbal self-care and believes that everything we need, Mother Nature has provided.

Melissa is constantly dreaming, scheming and seeking deep experiences. She also has a passion for cultivating community and bringing women together to celebrate their awesomeness. Melissa is always hunting for the best in people and encouraging them to live fulfilled lives.

Victoria lives in Toronto with her musician husband, Steve, and 2.6 million other people. With a background in design, Victoria has a fondness for art, popular culture, coffee and classic rock. 

Despite her city-roots, she has a propensity for the natural world and all the beauty and health benefits it has to offer. She loves the great outdoors and is always looking forward to her next city escape.

Assiduous, and seemingly never tired, Victoria is forever lifting-up those around her with her enthusiastic spirit and fearless nature. Equipped with a listening ear and infinite advice, she is always willing to offer a helping hand, her pencil, a hug, or a glass of beer.